Benefits of eating berries

Autumn is a great time of year to go foraging for edible berries, but whether you pick-your-own or purchase from a supermarket, you stand to benefit either way. Berries come loaded with goodness, and their versatility means they’re a great snack on their own or ideal added to breakfast cereals, baking mixtures and puddings or […]

Easy ways to boost vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin as it’s produced by the body when exposed to sunlight from March until the end of September in the northern hemisphere. But, when winter kicks in, vitamin D from the sun is in short supply, causing as many as one-in-five people to become deficient. © cegli / […]

Top exercise tips for autumn

As autumn approaches, the temperature drops and the days get shorter. While you might be tempted to hunker down indoors and stay warm, this time of year is the perfect occasion to get in shape. Here are some top tips for autumn exercising. © Microgen / Adobe Stock Walk in the woods Easily one of […]

Common treadmill mistakes to avoid

The treadmill is one of the best machines for cardio workouts, where it makes a handy alternative if you don’t fancy running outside in the wet and cold. Knowing how to use a treadmill properly enables you to maximise your workout and reduce the risk of injuries, yet mistakes are surprisingly commonplace amongst treadmill users. […]

Reasons to join a running club

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been pounding the pavements for some time, chances are at some point you might consider joining a running club. Here’s why this might well be a positive thing. © Jacob Lund / Adobe Stock   Meet like-minded people Joining a running club of any type or style is […]

Make the most of your local outdoor gym

If you like the idea of joining a gym but haven’t got the time or money, all is not lost. You can still make use of popular gym equipment without raiding your piggy bank, by heading to your nearest park, promenade or recreation area. © / Adobe Stock In recent years, outdoor gyms have […]

Get the lowdown on walking football

It’s a fairly new sport, but walking football is fast gaining an army of fans up and down the country. What is it exactly and why has it become so popular? © LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / Adobe Stock Walking football explained As the name suggests, walking football is, essentially, football where players walk, but never run. […]

Tech trends to help reduce stress

The rapid rise of digital technology can play havoc with our stress levels according to recent studies. Yet, far from inciting stress, some tech innovations may actually help to reduce feelings of tension, worry and anxiety. Here are some tech trends that may keep your stress levels on an even keel. © Andrey Popov / […]

Top tips for first-time surfers

If you’ve decided to try surfing for the first time, you’ve made a great choice. Surfing is totally exhilarating and utterly addictive (once you get the hang of it). Plus, it does wonders for your body, toning every muscle and burning around 250 calories per hour. © EpicStockMedia / Adobe Stock But, surfing isn’t an […]

Benefits of CrossFit workouts

If you’re interested in fitness, you’ll have probably heard the term CrossFit being bandied around. Originating from across the pond, this type of fitness regime is quickly catching on for those who want to reap the benefits of high-intensity exercise. But what is CrossFit exactly, and how can it help you get in shape? © […]